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Ok, first off, I have no talent whatsoever with photoshop, but you will get the idea.
I'm providing the before and my "after"
If someone could clean up the after that would be cool.
I think these mods are very "doable" to the stock bumper. Basically cutting out the angled fogs, squaring off the lower grille area, and adding the round driving lights.
As far as the indicators in the upper grill, I already have those. I found some round Hella indicators on ebay for $10, and used the holes located on the sides of the hood latch housing for mounting. I kept the stock indicator bulb socket and harness, and secured the Hella housings to the stock sockets. The Hella indicators already had mounting tabs.
Back to the photoshop:
The lower grill would have to be made to fit the curvature of the new squared off opening. As far as mounting the driving lights...or indicators if you choose, mounting flanges would need to be fabbed up, perhaps using simple aluminum roof flashing, and the appropriate diameter PVC pipe could be used as housing.
The PVC housing would need to be cut to fit the "angle back" of the hole opening due to the bumper's shape in the corners. Vents could be added to the PVC housing to help dissipate heat from the driving lights themselves.
If I get organized and take the time to do this, it would not be till this winter.
Maybe a spring "unveiling".....


After: *please clean up and add real driving lights?

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Nice, but I would bring it in about 2 inches on both sides. The fogs are too far apart.
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