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`02 LX, auto-tranny w/ abt 122K on it

Lately, I get a rumble/roaring noise that starts as soon as you get moving, that
gets louder as you go. Up until around 50mph or so, then it seems to go away,
(or just blends into the background noise, etc.) The noise starts immediately after
you start moving, a low RAR-RAR-RAR that is in sync w/ the wheel rotation, then
picks up in noise/speed as the car does, turning into a roaring noise. It seems to be
coming from the driver's side.

From reading other similar threads, it sounds like it's either a front wheel bearing,
or a drive axle going bad.

I've had the car up on jacks, and grabbing the wheel, I tried to move them side-to-
side, etc, but don't seem to get any movement. (Or I'm just a wimp...[:p] ).

No 'clicking' noise, as some have mentioned when talking about an axle issue.

A buddy of mine says that he thinks it's the driver's side axle. Either way, I need
to see about getting this fixed, as this is the wife's car that she drives to work.


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definitely sounds like bad bearings there common to go :) I just recently replaced all 4 on one of my wagons :)
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