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New to Ford's, but I had an offer I couldn't refuse for the first time on this Focus SE.

Here's the quick story. I'm from a Saturn and Chevrolet past, but my family has always been into Ford's. I before, despised them but always kind of had a thing for the Focus, Mustang's, and F-150's (huge sweet spot there).

Anyways, a lady came into the dollar store where I work a week or two ago, asking for a "For Sale" sign. I told her we didn't have any, but she ended up picking up some neon posted board anyhow. I then asked her what she was selling, and she continued to tell me that her neice was selling an 03 Ford Focus, with low miles and that is was ready to drive.

So this lady gave me her niece's number, and I gave her a call. She originally was asking $3,000, but she had decided to drop it to $2,500.

Went out and test drove it about a week later (I made her an offer but she refused, then thought about it, then called me back, lol). Drove great, handled so well, and responded quickly with throttle response. 82,2xx all original miles on her, and all it needs is a back wheel bearing, which is getting changed in the shop as we speak. It's a dark navy blue (sorry, no pictures) and so far, I'm loving this car.

Unfortunately, I've come to find after I bought it, that it turns out the SPI has issues with valve seats falling? I don't know...that will be my next post.

Hopefully I'm in the right place, at the right time for some (purely knowledgeable) help from so great guys/girls. [driving]
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Woo....another guy with the SPI, I am in the same boat you are. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal on it to!

You will find a large percentage of people on here have had their valves dropped, only because they google for an answer and end up here. It usually runs about 700-900 dollars to fix this problem. Other than that it is a pretty bulletproof engine.
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