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I'm not really into car audio but my neighbor literally GAVE me his system from his old car the other day, and I'm curious whether it's any good and what would be involved in hooking it up...

He gave me a Pro bend competition bandpass box with two Alpine "Type E" 12s in it, along with an MTX "thunder 8302" amp....

1) It certainly looks like it could blow my eardrums out, but is it decent stuff?

2) The box has a couple very small cracks in the fiberglass and do you think that would cause any problems?

3) The box takes up my whole damn trunk and I was wondering if it is really hard to remove the drivers from the box and put them into two smaller enclosures?

4) I've heard that Optima batteries are the way to go with car stereo systems; If I won't be pumping the bass too hard and would like to let the stereo play for long periods of time with the engine off (like I currently do) would a red or yellow top be better?

5) Would something like this setup work with my stock speakers or would I have to upgrade those and the in-dash stereo system?

Like I said, I know absolutely jackshit about car audio, (Home audio=different story) so spell it out for me!

Thank you!

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1) mtx is pretty good amplifier wise, alpine has some better model subwoofers but i'm sure they are somewhat decent

2) fiberglass? sure it's not plexiglass or something simliar?

3) i would have to see the enclosure but you could build a new enclosure i'm sure.

4) the battery is only a factor when the car is off, otherwise it's getting pretty much all of the power from the alternator.

5) the stock speakers would be the same as they are now but you'd need a LOC for the headunit, see the FAQ for more information.

- Scott
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