I'm a damn idiot, and thought all MTX75s were the same. So I grabbed this from a 2001 Focus at a junkyard to start my DPS6 to MTX75 swap. It still had some oil in it, and what dripped out while removing it from the car looked fairly clean.

I do not know the history of this transmission. As mentioned, I pulled it out of a car at a junkyard then shortly after realized my mistake. I lost the reciept, so I can't return it.

The only concern I have is the casting is chipped away, where the top starter bolt threads in. The bolt seemed to be stable as well as the starter, but I'm not putting my promise on anything.

Turning the input shaft ny hand, everything feels ok. Nothing is binding, and it seems consitent in all gears.

Both transmission mounts are included.

I just want this transmission gone, I have no use for it. I'll meet you in the Beaufort area. Again, it's for free.