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Very good article for those interested in Focus development

excerpt from article "When Ford launched the first-generation Focus in Europe in 1998 it made a big impact on the C-segment. Its styling was radical and its multilink rear suspension and sharp steering made it the class benchmark for vehicle dynamics.

By the time the second-generation Focus appeared the competition had improved too - the Mk 5 Golf featured a multilink rear as well. The Golf also had more efficient downsized gasoline engines and dual-clutch transmissions, and was much the same car whether you bought one in Wolfsburg or Washington DC.

But the Focus sold in the US had little in common with the European version either in the sheetmetal, interior or powertrains. In other words, Ford had duplicated much of the design and development work – very inefficient.

But Ford’s product development process is global now. All vehicles will be developed for the world market, with only minor changes to match them to local requirements. The C-Max MPVs and now the third-generation Focus are the first truly global Ford products.

“For every engineer who worked on the Focus this is clearly a milestone in his or her career,” says Gunnar Herrmann, Ford’s global C-car vehicle line executive. “I don’t think that you get too often a chance to be part of such a complex global programme as this.”

and a second article Global engineering, regional differences and why this Focus will be the best yet, a Q/A session with Ford's C-car chief Gunnar Herrmann

and a 3rd article on the making if a global vehicle

Part 1 Design

Part 2 building
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