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hi guys im new here , got a problem i was hoping you coulp help me with :)

the following symtoms are happening:

when i rev the car under load (high gear going around 30-40) the car makes a knocking sound. not like its going to stall as it can drive easy at this rev range but almost as if the weight of the car and the slow engine movement is making something move and knock??

2. when i get towards the 2000rpm range in gear and hold it it will knock till i rev over 2300 or lower to around 1500

3. i have put more oil in the engine (slightly above max) and it has mostly stopped the noise, is this good? or is this a sign that a problem is there and the extra oil is just masking this? (i read rod knock goes away for a while with thicker oil although i have used 5w30 as usual maybe using alot of thinner oil gives same effect?)

4. after cold start ,revving the car to around 1000 revs at standstill out of gear makes it knock aswell. till around 10 seconds after starting (im assuming the time it takes for oil to get around the engine) then it seems to go away!, the knock at 2000 revs is always there.

one thing i will say that puzzles me is it is intermittant, some days it will be really loud and bad and some days i cant make it make any sound at all, odd!

any other thoughts?, i have been to a garage but cant seem to make it make the noise at the time of showing it to them! typical

car drives fine so far as far as i can tell and has been making the noise 8 months or so now,
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