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Ford focus starter wont fit

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EDIT: i am not a smart man. i realize now that the smaller bolt between the two big is the one i need not both large orange bolts... one thing tho is my old starter if i remember correctly didnt have anything attached to that further back bolt, should there be?
EDIT2ELECTRICBOOGALOO: got autozone starter in and all it did was make a whining sound like a free spinning motor. swapped for the ebay starter and fired up instantly.

Starter went out on my 05 ford focus zx3. Got a new one off ebay but couldnt get it to fit the cable. Assumed it was incorrect and got one from autozone, as the connecting wire from the two bodies was on on the left side, instead of the right. Now not sure whats goin on as the new one from autozone i used my vin to confirm it would fit instead of just using ebays add vehicle and still i cant get that cable to fit on the starter.
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Either starter not engagingh flywheel or the arm not throwing forward to engage such or the internal planetary is broken.
Most starters I found when in parts get changed for nothing. 60% of them came back.

I 'rebuild' mine every time it comes out, nothing fancy, just clean the garbage out and grease where needed and dress electrical contacts, maybe change brushes if needed. Haven't bought a new starter in some 35 years at least.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts