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i put the clucth down on my mk1 Focus 2ltr Ghia (2001 facelift) to change gears, i noticed that the pedal went all the way down to the floor without any resistance and couldnt change gears. the pedal does springe back up, but has absolutely no resistance in it when it is being pushed down.
the car was pushed to one side and left over night.
when we returned in the morning to tow the car, i noticed that there was a bolt of some sort, about 1inch long, in the footwell of the drivers side, and then noticed that the car mat on the drivers side had some fluid on it, in a light brown colour hat had no smell to it.
the car was towed to a local garage and the guy there just said it must have been the master clutch cylinder that had gone. all he did to come to this conclusion was step in the drivers seat, pressed the peddle and shifted the gears around a little.

any suggestions on what the problem could be? and if it is a new clutch master cylinder, how much and where can i get one from?
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