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Hi lads, new to the forum but joined in an hour of need. Own a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI, was driving this evening when the abs and traction control lights started flashing along with the handbrake light, they went away until a mile down the road when I was turning into the yard the power steering vanished and a warning came up saying power steering malfunction.

I turned off the car to inspect under the bonnet when I noticed a bit of a burning smell from the alternator. It passed but when I went to restart the car the dim headlights came on along with the small red light between the two clocks but no dash lights or cranking, after numerous attempts the dim lights eventually stopped coming on but still won’t turn over. 12V socket is still providing power and there is still power going to the light switch (it lights up even if the lights won’t come on) no radio no interior light.

Had a quick look at the fuses but didn’t see anything and couldn’t find my volt meter so couldn’t check anything like that. Parked in the middle of the yard no with an uphill push into the shed which I am not looking forward too! I have read different posts about similar cases but they all seem to have different issues, any idea on where to start? Would it be a wire to the alternator that is frayed? Or something to do with the power steering?

Many thanks,
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