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Hi all.

I'm new to this forum so nice to meet you all!

I have a Ford Focus MK1, 2001, Hatch 1.6 Petrol. About a year ago there was a strange rattling noise coming from the compressor side of the engine. It only happened when it idles and while the rev drops after you rev it a little. It also happened intermittently. Hot/cold engine didn't make a difference. Before I could take the car in, the a/c compressor seized up badly. Budget was tight so I replaced it with a used one. All was fine.

Now, it's happening again. I've gained some mechanical skills and confidence over the past year so I decided to fix this one myself. The bearing on the pulley is most definitely on it's last breath. I thought it'd be as simple as that, then I decided to just turn over the compressor to hear if all is well inside. It sounded quite sick and bearing-gone-ish. So I opened it too. Now I'm faced with a super clean and almost new looking compressor inside and it looks like nothing I've seen on the internet so far. It's got a stationary swirl shape inside and one on the head that I removed (pulley side). This head swirl moves off-center around a counter balanced shaft (on the head). This off center part has some play on it and I'm fairly certain it's the sound I'm hearing from within the car.

My questions are: How does this swirly looking compressor even work..?
And how/can I fix the play on the counter balanced side. I'll attach pictures.
Lastly, is this compressor supposed to have oil in it? It has a little 10mm bolt with an o-ring on the head but there was no oil in it..

Thanks in advance for ANY help/links to existing answers that might help.

I found this video. When the revs comes down between 3k and 1k - that's the sound I'm having


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