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Hello. Here's Kamil from small town of north Poland .Sorry for my bad English.
I have problem with repair the '15 ford focus transmission (dsp6). I have bought a car with not working transmission (bearing noise and tcm temperature problem) I bought a another use one transmission and change it in the car.
The problem is , that car starting normally with the old transmission before change. after change the transmission car doesn't start and the pcm have failure P0707 and P2802. I check all wiriness ,ground points . The IDS tool in the TCM TR sensor adaptation can't pass the gear selector points .

When i connect the old gearbox to car and try to start engine , tcm have the same problem (P0707 , P2802).

Is there any chance that i have TWO broken tr range sensor for my transmission<from old one and new one transmission>?

Did you have some wiring data for this dsp6 transmission?

It is any data how to check my tr range sensor ? pin out and oscilloscope output signal?

Big thanks for answer
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