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I bought this Ford Focus a month back and it was driving fine until one day the glow plug light came on (not flashing) and the car slowed down and when into idle state. I immediately pulled over and restarted the car and it worked fine again. Then over a period of 2 week the car wouldn't start easily.

This has happened several times and its not that safe to drive.

I took it to a standard garage and they suggested the fuel pump needing changing at a cost of £800 afater reading codes 'injector pressure low while cranking low' 'high pressure pump'.

I took it to a different garage down the road without mentioning what the other garage had said. Codes read were 'P1221 (open TP throttle position sensor circuit), P2291 (injector control pressure too low during engine cranking), P0251 (injector fuel pump metering), P011 (intake cam shaft position timing over advanced).
They reset the ECU, drove it for 15 minutes and came back with only the code 'P0011 - intake cam shaft position timing over advanced'.
They also noted a bolt was missing from the starter motor so that's why it was idle starting. They fixed the bolt and changed the cam shaft sensor to solve P0011.

Got the car back today and its starting up fine now -no problem BUT after driving for 2 hours the glow plug light starting 'flashing' but made no difference to driving.

No idea how to fix it? Could it be a fuel injector gone?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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