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Hi folks
I have a ford focus 1.6 zetec that had the exhaust flexi hose on the manifold replaced recently. The car was fine in the morning, but, somehow whilst being cleaned, failed to start. A mechanic came out and found the fuel pump fuse had blown, and so replaced it. When started, the engine raced straight up to 5000 rpm and would not settle down. The only way to keep the car from racing was to disconnect the IAVC lead and get it home that way.

Something is keeping the IAVC open when it is connected, therefore causing the massive revving. I know of procedures which involve taking the car for a drive, so it can re-learn its settings, but this has failed, with revving seemingly affected by both clutch and brake peddle interaction sometimes. A new IAVC made no difference, and I have had to insert a slither of PVC tape between the plunger and the seat of the IAVC to keep it open enough so the engine does not stool until I find out what is wrong. I am thinking something to do with Vacuum pipes, as there was some work done with the manifold when replacing the exhaust system.
Has any one come across this problem before ?
Any advice really appreciated. The only solution I can think of if I cant find the underlying cause is to knock up a variable PWM device to manually adjust the signal sent to the IAVC, which, I would rather not do.(PWM = Pulse Width Modulation)
Hoping for some advice :cool:

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