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Well, this is my first post and i'm very happy with my car, i just got it and has 14K miles, anyway.. i am willing to make some changes to my car, Turbo, intake, short shift, etc. etc.
Can you guys help me?

I need a Turbo Kit, anyone know a good one, with intercooler and piping, and everything i need?? by the way, my car is a Manual, you know, stick, not automatic, lol! u guys get the point...[drummer]

I also need a Bodykit, a full body kit, any of you guys know about a good, nice body kit? i want to really really brag about my car! lol! kinda like a piranha bodykit, well i you know about any nice bodykits, please post me the websites...[8D]

I was thinking about keyless ignition but with a manual is kinda different, well i'd like to know about it, so if any of you guys know about it, please post it as well

Thank You! [wiggle]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts