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For Sale: SVT sideskirts/bumpers/mirrors/wing

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I have a couple SVT parts that I do not need. NO, I am not parting out this car, just changes some body parts up and don’t need the stock ones.

These are all off my Sonic Blue ZX3 SVT. As a whole, the car has been claybarred and waxed every 6 months, so the paint is in extremely good condition.

All parts are located in Northern Philly area.

-SVT Sideskirts…400.00 shipped obo
A few minor chips, but IMO, in extremely good shape compared to others out there, and for not being sold anymore, harder and harder to come by.

-SVT Front Bumper…400 obo …local pickup only for now.
Paint is in extremely good condition. Comes with Smoked Fog lights and lower grille and clear/smoked sidemarkers. Entertaining local pickup only. If you want it shipped, PM me if you are serious and we may try to work something out, but its pricey. Will also drive to meet within reason (case by case basis, but ballpark of up to 2 hours each way.)

Rear Bumper…200.00 obo…local pickup only for now.
Just like the front, in very good condition. Comes with diffuser. Same shipping details as front bumper.

SVT side mirrors…100 obo plus shipping
Minor rock chips.

SVT Wing… 100.00 obo plus ship..
Perfect condition. I actually have two of these (acquired a spare hatch, also in Sonic blue)…can buy as just wing or will sell entire hatch(1) with wing for 200.00 picked up.

Stock hood…100.00 picked up.

Very good condition

MACH-a-like headlights...100.00 shipped
Practically new condition. Going with blacked out MACHs

SVT Grille...100 plus shipping
NO broken tabs. blacked out turns.

Pics of car:

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My prices are listed. As harder and harder these are to come by, especially in as good condition as these are...

You see my price. If you wanna haggle, it usually starts with the buyer making a legit offer, but don't expect me to give these away.

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GLWS of your svt parts. Yea those skirts come & go as I've watch them for a little bit. When they come up in great condition w/ the caps= jump on them.

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Are the mach a likes HID?


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