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I purchased these for my SVT to replace the original bent stock rims that came with the car. I then wrapped the wheels in the Micheline Pilot Super Sport tires which are amazing. The car handles unbelievably well in both dry
and wet conditions and it's very responsive with this setup.

I'm asking $700 for the set which will include.

4 Motegi MR121 wheels with center caps.
4 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 215/45 17 on the wheel. The remaining tread life on these tires is 80%, 50% 20% and 3%. You will need to buy two new or used tires.

The wheels are NOT bent, but Discount Tire did scuff up some of the lug nut areas when they had to break off the shitty Gorilla lug nuts they sold me, which seized when they were being removed. I've been diagnosed with OCD which means that I loose sleep at night thinking about the paint scuff Discount Tire put on my wheels. I'm getting rid of these wheels because of small paint scuffs which you can only see when you get up close to the wheels.

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