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for a car that has a good bit of mileage on the body....i'm not exactly sure what my mileage is because of having changed clusters from no tach to tach, but i'm pretty sure I have above car is a 01 and I used to drive it EVERYwhere lol....

just being young does that and having to drive 30-60 minutes for jobs does to ya...

anywho, I've never replaced any of my bushings, wiring harnesses, actual suspension bits minus springs/struts

but what does get the most wear?

I plan on doing a full urethane bushing setup

but i'm looking to get that new car feel again

i'm also noticing that some of my wiring is getting jacked underneath of my fuse box under the hood... I had an issue of it just burning away and grounding each wire out causing my engine fuse to just blow out randomly.....kinda ghey...temporary fixed it, but i'd like to just replace all of my underhood wiring for self assurance...

what else can i do for self assurance? what should I look for to do ?

my car is boosted, it's basically been molested in it's past years with trial and error and many different looks ect ect ect...

so i'm trying to revert back to factory feel to a certain degree....

what all would you all do?

I put it out there like the car is in bad condition and it's not, but it could use a lil revamp......i'm also just that picky lol

so...yeah....what's your solution?
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