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Fog Light Mod for 2007 [Fogs on w/ High Beams]

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Please Read post #7 & #8 before proceeding on this modification! Due to information regarding wiring schematics, this mod could be dangerous. Any mods performed are at your own risk.

This mod is intended to allow the fog lights to remain on when switching to high beams. It was performed on a 2007 model, but may work on 05 and 06 seeing as how they are all similar. There have not been any issues with this mod at this time, but if you experience one please post your issue. Tinker at your own risk.

Items Needed:
1. 12 Gauge Solid Wire
2. Wire Cutters/Strippers
3. 4 Spade Lug Crimp Terminals
4. Crimpers

Install Time:
10 Minutes


Step 1
Locate the fuse/relay box inside the engine bay.

Figure 1

Step 2
Take note of the diagram on the top of the box, paying special attention to the location of RL-2 (relay 2).

Open the cover to the fuse box.

Figure 2

Step 3
Locate and remove relay 2 (RL-2).
It's in real snug so it helps to have something that can slide underneath the sides of the relay.

Figure 3

Step 4
Cut two 2" lengths of wire and strip both ends.
Crimp male terminals onto each end of both wires.

(Figure 4)
Left- the underside of relay 2 (notice it's terminals are numbered)
Center - after removing the relay, these correspond to the female terminals in the box where the wires will go
Right - relates to the center diagram (shows finished product, refer to step 5 for inserting wires)

Figure 4

Step 5
Connecting the wires (refer to diagram in figure 4):

>Wire 1 - insert terminals into slots 85 and 87

>Wire 2 - insert terminals into slots 87a and 30

Make sure they form snug fits and then try out the lights.

Figure 5

The End
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Added to the HOW TO ARCHIVE...............
Fog lights that serve as DRL's

This post has the exact fuse relay box as mine and will work, but is their any way to mod it to where the foglights only come on when the key is on, with the marker lights off.
Nice mod. I just did it. Thanks I've been trying to figure that one out.
I've been wanting to do this since I've had my 07! Thanks for posting this!!

I double checked the schematics, and this is plain dangerous.

Basically, what this mod is doing is REMOVING the high beam circuit relay, and powering the high beams (~20 Amps) through the wiring and switch designed to only power the relay and the dashboard indicator (<1 Amps). You WILL screw up the switch or wiring (or the whole car if they catch fire. The fogs are fine though.

You have been warned!
OK, this is a better way:

1. Remove the relay

2. Cut the pin labeled 87a on the RELAY. Insert a wire with a spade terminal that sticks out the absolute minimum possible (you probably have to solder the wire to a modded spade to keep size down) into 87a. The part sticking out MUST be insulated well. Put the modified relay back in. It should fit snugly if the spade terminal in 3 is not sticking out more than 2-3 mm.

3. The other end of the wire MUST go to a fuse (20A) and the other side of the fuse should go to 12v (always on).
Note: I used the subwoofer fuse for my case, since I don't have the sub but have the fuse. In this case, make sure you are taking fused power AFTER the fuse. Don't do this if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing.

Instead of item 2 above, you could also do this (this is how I did it):
2. (Alternative method) Mod the relay so pin 87a is electrically disconnected (but physically present), and insert a (stranded type) wire (or 2 if using thinner wire) in 87a. Any part sticking out MUST be insulated well. Then put the relay back so the pin on the relay keeps the wire snugly in place

This will keep the foglight switch functional when high beams are on.

Note: this applies to 07 and most 06 models. 05 and early 06 models have a different schematic.

DISCLAIMER: Take this advice solely is at your own risk. This was only my opinion and is not a suggestion. Note to Ford/others: I only did this mod in my dreams. I never did/will do such a mod in real life.
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Thanks Ahmadr for looking into the schematics for this, I have not been able to find any. Can you tell me where you were able to find the wiring diagrams and schematics? I've been waiting on Haynes to come out with their manual for the 05-07 model years, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen.

Can you post pics for this mod? (even if they are from your dreams) ;-)
I'll try to take pictures sometime next week, when my new camera arrives. My old one recently hit the dust :(

For now, I've updated my post with another way you could do it (what I actually did)

As for schematics, you might be able to ask your dealer to look at it for a few minutes. I did that once. I also had my (now dead) camera with me on that day and took some beautiful pictures (not from the schematics, of course - it was a nice sunny day outside ;) )

You could also get a subscription for your car from (~$45 per car for 3 years). It includes tons of service manuals, schematics, and TSBs, and has helped me quite a bit.
anyone know if this will work on an 08??
I used my DRL relay and put it in the position of the Fog light relay (R12 to R13, or something like that) and with that I can have high beams with Fog lights at the same time! (my car is an 04')
DISCLAIMER: Note to Ford/others: I only did this mod in my dreams. I never did/will do such a mod in real life.
Worst disclaimer ever...
So, is the mod in post #1 any good, or will it fry your electronics??? Because posts #7 and #8, and the edit of post #1, really confuses things.
^^ I don't know. What I do know is I tried this once about a year ago and freakin' blew my headlights fuse. After that I said screw the mod... Don't care enough about it.
I don't need it myself, I have aftermarkets on an independent switch. I know someone with an '06, and I don't want to recommend anything that will cause a disaster.
Why do people want fogs on with brights it ruins your ability to see longer distances. Plus fogs are meant for low visibility situations which means you wouldnt want your brights on anyway.
^^ I don't know. What I do know is I tried this once about a year ago and freakin' blew my headlights fuse. After that I said screw the mod... Don't care enough about it.
Same thing happened to me.
Then perhaps this thread needs to be dumped. Looks like this mod was never thought through and doesn't work.
Post #1 will fry your electronics.
Post #7 and #8 hold true. I've had it for almost 3 years now.

That said, if you aren't comfortable with wiring, circuits, and your schematics, I would not suggest it.
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