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FocusFest 2014 - Trophy Winners List

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Furthest Distance: Jason Davis (Corona California, 1800 miles, one way)

Fastest Drag: Zack Galf, 13.307 sec (gottaride28)

RebelDevil Choice: Bobby Scott, '13 ST (bobby9621) Choice: Dustin Ewers, '04 zx3 5.0 swap (disciplerocks) Choice: Joshua Atkins, '03 ZX3 rebuild (suzukisam967m)

Focus Power Choice: Jason Davis, '14 ST, Pearl white wrapped Choice: Tommy Houlihan, '14 ST ([email protected])

Best Audio: Ben Moore, '08 SES, 3 JL subs in liner box

Best Display: Lou Rivera, '00 ZX3, Full painters tape wrap and caution barriers(LouBomb)

Best hatch '00-'08 3rd: Zach Galf, '05 ZX3 (gottaride28)

Best hatch '00-'08 2nd: Josh Hendricks, '05 ZX3 (ZX360)

Best hatch '00-'08 1st: Jason Hodges, '03 SVT 5 door (Atru)

Best Non-Hatch '00-'11 3rd: Lia Prokopf, '07 SAP ZX4 (clnzx4)

Best Non-Hatch '00-'11 2nd: Keith Mumford Reynolds, '09 Coupe (Mumford)

Best Non-Hatch '00-'11 1st: Chris Walters, '08 Coupe (Focuszx505)

Best '12-present 3rd: Alan Jackson, '13 ST

Best '12-present 1st: Tim Kim, '13 ST (TimKim)

Best of Show: Ken Appell, '07 zx3 (KenZX3)

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thanks for picking me as best 00-11 non hatch 2nd place it means alot to me and for being my first time there its was such a blast will more and likely return for another show also love the picture you chose for me haha i was deff that guy who would pull over on the side of the highway and snap a pic lol
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