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When researching short throw shifters, I was piecing together information from several different sources. The Steeda website suggests using its solid shifter bushings with its Focus ST short throw shifter, but is silent as to bushings with respect to its short throw shifter for the Focus non-ST models. Why ?

TJ at Steeda explained to me that they had not yet done a test fit on the non ST models. And if I wanted to be the first he'd work with me on pricing. I told him that I planned to go with the FRPP STS, as I prefer using Ford parts, and it is pretty much "plug & play".

Frank at Steeda gave me a call, took my order by phone, gave me a discount and I received the bushings overnight from Steeda's Valdosta warehouse.

Yesterday, my friend, a senior Ford tech, successfully installed the FRPP STS with the Steeda Bushings. They fit perfectly and the shifter feels really anchored, much much more so than stock.

This was a small sale to Steeda, but TJ and Frank provided huge customer service. Thanks guys!


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