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Hi there,

For the last year or more (I suspect starting after a service), my Focus is currently:
- Chirping once when I press the keyfob lock button
- Chirping twice when I press the keyfob unlock button

I really hate this. I've read threads here where people say it should only chirp when you've pressed the keyfob button a second time, just to let you know that you've already pressed it. That makes sense to me, I'm pretty sure my car used to do this and I want to get back to that mode.

I last left it with a Ford garage and they said they couldn't figure it out [twothumbs] I've checked my own manual and a Hayne's manual and can't find anything useful. Pic of the keyfob attached if that's any use.

So far, I've just been able to:
- Switch unlock modes by holding the lock and unlock buttons for four seconds. I keep it in the "all door" locking mode
- Re-pair the keyfob with the car by switching the ignition a bunch of times, but that really doesn't get me anything

I'm hoping someone here might have some other steps to try! [:)]


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