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Focus brokedown after fitting new part

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I have had my focus 2L ESP (2000) for six months now. I was unsure on the car at first but now i love it, it has been superb. As it had no service history (or very little) i had the cambelt, pulleys etc done as well as a full service and new tyres. My family and i recently did a 500 mile round trip and it never skipped a beat.

Since buying it it has always had a slight issue with revs staying high when changing gear, mainly when cold. It also jolts a little when changing gear, again only when cold. There is a slight hesitation when going back on the gas, this i felt more so whilst doing the long motorway trip.

To try to cure this i replaced the TPS, that didn't do it so today i fitted a new MAF sensor, 6 miles from home and the car breaksdown. It has never broken down on me before. The car started to splutter then i lost all power and came to a stop. I couldn't get it start so i unplugged the new MAF and it started and got me home. It did splutter a couple of time though on the way back.

What could have caused this? The MAF is new from Eurocar parts. Was there anything i was supposed to do whilst fitting it? Would a dodgy MAF cause these symptoms? I filled up with petrol yesterday at the same place i always go and it drove back home fine. Would driving with the MAF unplugged cause a problem?

Sorry for all the questions guys i just want to sort this but unsure where to start.
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Here's a good thread about the PCV hose:
Some good pics here:

I'm surprised no one has said this, but a certain amount of this behavior (the revving, not the sputtering) is normal. It's actually caused deliberately by the computer, and the only way to be completely rid of it is to get a "tune" (computer re-programming). Do a search for "hanging revs" or "rev hang" and you'll find a lot of info. Since you described this as a "slight issue", it's possible that there was nothing for you to fix in the first place. (Sorry!)

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