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Focus 2005 emblems??

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So the front part of my focus grille emblem is missing. I called the dealer and they told me that I have to replace the entire grille if I want an emblem. [mecry] Is this true? are there any other alternatives that can just sell the emblem?
Are there any sites that sell only emblems for focus?
anyone has a spare emblem they could sell? thanks!! :)

-María [wiggle]
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I am not sure as you have a 05. I know with ours its a replaceable piece. Time for an ST grille??
^^ Dont worry they persecuted me too for telling about some shrouds.............guess help is limited to what they see fit.

I think it sounds fair BTW
I didn't say i was unhappy with FF. A few decisions i was that is all.

If i was unhappy i would not continue to post eh?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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