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So the front part of my focus grille emblem is missing. I called the dealer and they told me that I have to replace the entire grille if I want an emblem. [mecry] Is this true? are there any other alternatives that can just sell the emblem?
Are there any sites that sell only emblems for focus?
anyone has a spare emblem they could sell? thanks!! :)

-María [wiggle]

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i know it's a little silly but you are risking this being deleted(rules[bigcry] )and maybe warning.
anyone has a spare emblem they could sell? thanks!! :)
She asked. I then offered. I posted it publicly in order to get other's input on whether or not the price was fair. That price seems significantly better than $90 for a new grill.

If a moderator had a problem with it, they would just delete my post and not the entire thread.

However, in order to keep everything copacetic with everyone involved I will edit my original post and take my offer to a personal message. I whole heartedly apologize for attempting to help a fellow focus owner out.
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