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Hi guys,

Ive recently bought a 56 plate focus tdci 1.6 (90bhp) - Ive not had the car very long and this is my first post so apologies if this has been asked before!

Ive read lots and lots about the turbo oil feed pipe sludging up and causing turbos to pop, however with so many european cars using the same engine I would have hoped this to be a reliable engine. Ive been searching for answers as to what the best thing to do is and so far i have seen various articles mentioning the old feed pipe was "braided and flexible" so on inspecting my engine I presume I must have the updated one as mine is metal and doesnt move at all. I dont know whether the feed pipe was updated or not and if it was i dont know how to tell if i have a newer one?

Also i called my local Bristol street ford and asked if they could advise me if this pipe had been changed or updated and got told "no, because it has not been placed on the list of parts that have had a recall".

Im a little worried about this and wondered if anyone had an idea of whether the part had been updated and if so when, and how to tell if mine was a newer one. Ive done 75k and apart from my last service ( when i used 5w30 magnatec) all previous services were done at a main ford dealer.

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