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Ok, I'm not as familiar with the UK model, but this one is going to be a bugger to figure out. It could be anything from exhaust blockage to bad fuel.

Do you fill up at the same place every time? If so, try somewhere else. There are also fuel additives like STP Fuel Treatment that are designed to help make water burn without hindering combustion.

Another thing that probably wouldn't show up in a code check is a dirty MAF. I'm not entirely sure about the design- maybe a pic would help. I'd remove the part and clean it. The US part is very easy to clean with a Q-tip and alcohol, and two star drive screws remove it.

How many miles are on the car? If you're approaching 100k, then it is possible that the timing belt is going out, but that's something your regular mechanic will have to determine. I'm not even sure if your engine model even uses a timing belt since the European versions of the engines are different. A pic of the engine compartment would be enough to tell whether it's a chain or belt.
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