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I was attempting to install a new header this past weekend but was stopped at the flex pipe by rust. The nuts/bolts on the flex pipe where it attaches to the exhaust is so badly rusted they hardly resemble nuts. They will need to be destroyed to get them off the car.

So that means i need to replace them with new hardware. What size/length bolts/nuts do I need and what kind will be the least likely (or slowest) to rust? When i get tired of the noise or when i go to sell the car, the header will most likely come off and i dont want to fight with the nuts [hihi]

I was able to get all the head stud nuts free and the nuts on the manifold support. I planned on just reusing the head studs/nuts but is it suggested to replaced the head studs/nuts at the same time or safe to reuse? If replacing is a good idea, where is the best source?

2.0L duratec here, thanks in advance!
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