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Gonna be in the miami area on the weekend of the 16th with some of my frineds, they s2000 and they have a super meet set up, they will be having bout 80 s2k's showing up and my turbo focus, lol !
I know that im going for sure, along with three or four s2k's, would love to have some foci there to at least represent for the domestics, you know how it is going to be, honda honda honda talk all day!! lol
hope to see some of you there. post up and let us know, we will meeting up for the drive down to miami from naples and meeting up wit some more people down in miami.
here is the info as it appears on the and the link:

s2ki link

$1 per person to enter the park.

Two shelters are reserved to accommodate 50+ people.
I have already paid for the Shelters so all I need is for every one to give me $2.50 - $4, depending on how many people show up that day. The total cash you would need to bring me that day is no more than $6. This covers you at the entrance and the Shelters.

Quiet Waters Park Shelters 5 & 6
401 S. Powerline Rd.
Deerfield Beach 33442

Saturday 9/16

12 Noon - 5:30 pm

Pre-Meet Group Drive to the Meet for Members in Miami-Dade
At the Washington Mutual off of the Palmetto on Miami Lakes Drive
West of the Palmetto
@ 11:15 AM

Meet at 12
Group Drive to the Beach
Go home or hang out, whatever.



3-4 members should bring the same items in moderation, this way the costs will get spread out through out the group. Like i've said before, I don't excpect 10-15 members to supply everything for over 60+ attendees, it's just not fair.

List of Items Needed
Burgers DONE Prowler_orange, Erick S, LHP_Sailor1P, S2KSuzuka
Cheese DONE Erick S, S2kJ55
Hotdogs DONE designfreak, Diablo99V
Burger Buns DONE adv2000, Mano, Section8, S2KSuzuka, Erick S, c_me_go
Hotdog Buns DONE S2kJ55,designfreak
Potato Chips DONE Viper Rocket, Machine Age Victim, spoonsports2k
Water DONE Diablo99V, NFR_Maverick, joej, iNetForce, S2kJ55, GPdub-O-u
Soda DONE doorman, NFR_Maverick, CoralDoc, S2kJ55, s2000craze, S2KSuzuka, GPdub-O-u, 2NRWRNCH, Mano
Napkins DONE Erick S, M.A.R.C., Hootsama, PrimoGen, JC_S2000, swcruz
Plates DONE M.A.R.C., Hootsama, PrimoGen, JC_S2000
Utensils DONE M.A.R.C., Hootsama, PrimoGen, JC_S2000
Cups DONE GPdub-O-u, sTTook, droptopgirl, Hootsama, Erick S, batikan
Garbage Bags DONE M.A.R.C.
Large Picnic Blankets
Charcoal DONE GranPrix, jdmcrave
Lighter Fluid DONE Devious
Coolers DONE iNetForce, CoralDoc, buzilanga, DansBerlina
Ice DONE DansBerlina, droptopgirl, CoralDoc, iNetForce, swcruz, adv2000
Hand Wipes DONE Erick S, swcruz
BBQ Tools DONE Erick S

1. GranPrix (Dario) Miami Charcoal
2. thraak (David) Orlando Desserts
3. VeilSide AP1 (Max) Miami
4. DansBerlina (Danny) Miami Cooler, Ice
5. c_me_go Naples Burger Buns
6. arcadence (Hanz) Miami
7. Prowler_orange (Mariano) Miami Beach Burgers
8. BLACK8 (Tuan) Delray Beach Cookies
9. batikan (Burak) Boca Raton Cups
10. DaWorm (Warren) Miami
11. Erick S (Erick) Miami Cups Hand Wipes Burgers Buns Cheese BBQ Tools
12. penalta (Alex) Boca Raton
13. Viper Rocket (Gene) Miami Pretzels, Nachos, Dip
14. M.A.R.C. (Marc) Pembroke Pines Utensils Garbage Bags Napkins Plates
15. Hootsama Del boca Vista Utensils Napkins Plates Cups
16. doorman (Sinjin) Soda
17. Diablo99V (Dariel) Miami Hotdogs Water
18. NFR_Maverick (John) Miami Sodas Water
19. LHP_Sailor1P (Peder) Lighthouse Point Burgers
20. CHUCKLIDDELL101 (Chuck) Miami
21. Machine Age Victim (Jeff) West Palm Beach Potato Chips 5
22. Diez Miami
23. aero3685 Table cloths
24. bigpurp (Aron) Ft. Lauderdale Sausage
25. jdmcrave (Alex) Orlando 1 Charcoal, Kchp, Must, Mayo
26. droptopgirl (Di) Miami Dessert Ice Cups
27. Fyrestrike (Alex) Miami
28. S2000papi (Delain) Miami
29. Jsmply Miami
30. gabster (Gabriel) Miami
31. Darkwagoner Davie Baked Beans
32. stimpgsx (Luis) Miami
33. zdave87 (Dave) Orlando
34. Mech Eng Orlando
35. vyktor Flagler Beach
36. PrimoGen (Rob) Tampa Utensils Napkins Plates
37. sportpilot (Steve) Pembroke Pines
38. OGPackin (Matthew) Boca Raton Gas grill, Corn on the Cobb
39. spoonsports2k (Nelson) Tampa Potato Chips 5
40. DeviousOne Oakland
41. jdm knowledge Miramar
42. joej (Joe) Palm Beach Bottled Water
43. iNetForce Hialeah Water, Ice, Cooler
44. CoralDoc (Josh) Davie Soda, Ice, Cooler
45. randyb239
46. Devious. (Leon) Fort Myers Lighter Fluid, Macaroni Dill Salad
47. sTTook Cups
48. JC_S2000 Miami Utensils Napkins Plates
49. VolkGT-N Ocoee
50. S2kJ55 Cheese Hot Dog Buns Soda Water
51. s2000craze (Victor) Soda
52. swcruz (Serge) Miami Ice Water Hand Wipes.
53. S2KSuzuka (Mitch) Hollywood Burgers Buns Soda
54. GPdub-O-u Tampa Cups Soda Water
55. designfreak (Phil) Miramar Hotdogs Hotdog Buns
56. calaceyfl (Cheryl) Orlando
57. 2NRWRNCH (Rick) Desserts, Soda
58. buzilanga (Ricardo) Caribbean Cooler
59. Sinee
60. adv2000 Burger Buns, Ice
61. Mano Burger Buns, Soda
62. FIdreaming
63. Section8 Hamburger Buns
64. Crimedog (Art)
65. Jason2089
66. rubyrashel (Rashel) Plantation Brownies
67. izzysand
68. 00redS2k
69. HandofBoB (Clinton) Bradenton
70. 4bang6 (Jeremy) Apollo Beach
71. BeachBumS
72. triumph87 Miami
73. Chiung Daytona Beach
74. j_c_a Tampa

1. MacGyver (Dan) Melbourne
2. naynay Japan
3. JeffBox (Jeff) Orlando
4. RioStwok04 (Rob) Louisville, Kentucky
5. Raven628
6. Alexs '05 (Alex) Key West
7. PrOsPeCt S Wisconsin
8. wildcardtrd Orlando
9. Miike505 West Palm Beach
10. jcarlton Wesley Chapel
11. Rodan
12. scottrunsxc Cape Coral
13. fltsfshr Naples
14. 2005GPW

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hhhmmmm.... what not focus will be there with me to represent???

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Yah thats the same same weekend as dans G2G and your notice is kind of short. Not to mention for alot dans place is where you can get mods done, and it may be his last g2g as he is moving so out of respect and like for Dans and not a like of honda's ill be at dans.

Nick are you gunna be at dans?

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dans gtg? where and when? that sucks!!
Iim going to be there for sure, so i was hoping to hae someone else hold it down with me.
but not to worry, im getting my car back from shop tom and it looking crispy!!!
i cant wait!!
sucks im goingto be the only one, but oh well

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oh daammmnnn!!!
that is far as $hit, no thanks. it is a 4 hour drive for me, i thought it was in miami i was going to stop by but that is hella far
anyways i will be in miami for the weekend, sat n sun.

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all right, we will be leaving naples rounf 10:30am heading to miami, hopefully we will se more then my focus out there!!!
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