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Fixing the lenses on my ST170s

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I've posted about it before, but I'll give a recap.

I bought my ST170s on here (I won't name names) and was basically told they were in mint condition. When I got them, there were some chips in the lenses and some sandblasting, eh no biggy. Then I noticed the UV layer was chipping/peeling on the edges. A little pissed but there was realy nothing I could do about it. Then I install them and the light throw is all jacked up.

I PM the guy I bought them from and he tells me about how the self-leveling motors were taken out because they wouldn't work without the wiring harness(understandable) but instead of finding and installing the clips to put in there washeres were wrapped in electrical tape and zip tied in place. They got the alignemt to where it was "OK" on his car. Well "OK" on his car was VERY bad on my car compared to how the throw of my stock lights was. No big deal, they need to be aligned. Except the alignment screws didn't work. [gunfire] [nutkick]

Fast forward to yesterday.....I had the initiative to take my headlights out, open the back, cut the zip ties, and yank it all out. I then redid the ghetto-modding a few times to where through trial and error the light output is actually pretty good. Not perfect, but WORLDS better. I almost completely love my headlights now and all I need to do now is fix the lenses to complete the love lol, which leads to my question.

If I wetsand my lenses down to get rid of the majority of the chips and whatnot, will I have to put a new layer of UV protectant stuff on there? I have a set of lamin-x that I bought but didn't want to waste on imperfect headlights that I will put on, but I want to make sure whether or not I need to reapply the UV layer before I put the lamin-x on there.

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wet sand can be weird ive done it a couple of time on my Machs use a really fine grit and take ur time it will take a while! it will look foggy but u will just need to polish it out.
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