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Fixed the coolant leak today, pics

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Fixed my leak with new o-ring from Mc Master

begining the fix

coolant that was dripping onto the ground before fix

picture of tranny soaked with coolant because of leak

old o-ring that came out with the plug, see how its all worn out and has a square shape to it?

This is the new Mc Master Viton o-ring i ordered #203 installed on the plug

After installing the plug back with the new o-ring, the leak was over! This o-ring will take alot of persausion to get in but it will withstand the temperatures that the oem wouldn't. I have like 24 more of them, from a pack of 25. Ill part 15 or so of them if anyone needs this o-ring for a leak problem. Just let me know
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I think the O ring was originally round shaped.. but over time heating and cooling made it mold to the shape of the space it was filling.

GOOD deal... I hope Duratecs don't have problems like this!!
I will def. need one pretty soon..I've been really careful of watching my coolant levels..Will I need any other Items , other then what you have..I need to stop being lazy , hehe..How much you asking for?[?] Another thing..noob question..How do u pop that sucker out? And put the new one in..
lol, judy did the same thing a few weeks's a few pics from mine:

Here was the leak spot...

Here was the new o-ring attached...took a bit of fab work getting it back in, I actually had to shave a bit off to get it to fit.

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i had to shave quite a bit off my Viton o-ring was bending the housing.
i didn't shave any of it off, i greased it up with gunk, and smacked it in with a hammer. I had to use a long bold to hold against the plug to reach it because there isnt' much space under there and then i smacked the back side of the bolt a few times and it was in.
Mine has been leaking for a while but I have ben lazy about it. I have topped off the coolant a few times and that is about it. does it just pop out? It doesn't seem to have any threads...And also do you lose much coolant when you take it out??


Also for the reinstall I am going to use silicone compound (dieltric grease; not RTV) because it won't deteriorate the rubber.
Mine hasn't leaked yet( hope it doesn't ), .. What is that plug out of, I can't quite see the picture well enough.
It's out of the thermostat housing...let's see if I can get some better pics up.

That's a top shot of the thermo housing, it's underneath towards the front of the housing...

The above pic is of the hole where the plug goes and housing...if you need some more shots just yell! [:D]
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The last pic I posted shows the exact location of the aluminum plug, you can see the coilpack directly above the plug in the pic as well as the hole where the plug's a pic of the little bitty clip that holds the plug in, and it SUCKS trying to get that little bastage back in. I had to use the opposite end of a hammer to ram the plug back in, and then hold it there with all my might as I tried to fit the little clip back in... [?|]

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Added to the 'How To' Archive......
if i recall correctly only the svtf has the plug.
of course my plug leaked, fixed that, then the housing cracked awhile later. ordered a new housing, the wrong one was sent. the plug hole was molded shut and so was the top sensor hole. i modified it and drilled the top sensor hole and used a coping saw to cut the grooves for the sensors keeper. no more worrying about the plug leaking! altho the sensor was a pita, the old oring fit loose, but a new one went in snug. i can get the housings part number if anyone wants and do a writup on how to mod it.
Added to the 'How To' Archive......
add everything but the part about "having to smackit with a hammer" and "pry it with a handle". IMHO that is not an o-ring to begin with. But if you're gonna use one grind or shave a flat edge so you don't split the housing.
I just went to Ford today and bought a new Thermostat housing for my 02 ZTS. It only cost me like $58 I believe, and it no longer had that plug. Where the plug should be is now a solid piece of plastic I guess.
I'll do the exchange either tomorrow or over the weekend and I'll write a little about what I found.
I need one of these o-rings any one know where to get one, and/or the part # ?
That plug is in the svt's, i believe the regular zetec have a sensor in that hole. I can get you a new plug with the o-ring for $8.
The Ford O-ring will just go bad again.

I found it easier to take the housing off the car. I put it in a vice, to squeeze the plug back in. No cracks, no leaks.
I made up a webpage for the info regarding getting the o-ring replacements. Quite a few people have asked for Priority Service and that is now available.

email me @ [email protected] if you have any questions!
I have this problem now and am wondering if this would cause problems such as oil gettin into the top of the motor and fouling out the plugs? That is what is also happening in my motor, along with the coolant issue. thanks in advance

I have this problem now and am wondering if this would cause problems such as oil gettin into the top of the motor and fouling out the plugs? That is what is also happening in my motor, along with the coolant issue. thanks in advance

yea, oil could foul out your plugs in theory, but I doubt its related to the thermostat housing gasket/O-ring. Not sure how you've come to that conclusion or even speculation...

Oil leaking into your engine could foul up alot of things...but when this O-ring leaks, the coolant is leaking down onto your engine, transmission and a couple other places, but eventually the ground. Its not getting into your engine unless you have a coolant leak somewhere else.
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