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fitment question

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I have a hookup through esm wheels, gets me a retardedly good discount and the warehouse is 20 min from my house so theres 30 a wheel in shipping scratched off..

But long story short, im looking at getting the 009r (dont want to go 17, looks too big) in 16x8 and 16x9, 30 offset all around. Im getting them for about 300$ off the price, so regardless im getting a good deal, but do you think this will be too much poke? I used the offset calculator provided in this forum and looks to be about almost 2 inch more poke in the front and 2.6 inch more poke in the rear....does this seem like too much?

Also, what kind of staggered tire sizes do people run? I was thinking 195/45 in the front and 205/45 rear, or would something like 205/40 and 205/45 be better? Some of the old saturn people throw on 205/40 and 215/45 in the rear, which seems a bit much but ive also never run a stagger.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!!

P.s. pic is after ksport coils installed, easily an inch and a half to 2 left till maxed