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Fit Of A Pillar 2-Gauge Pod On 2005 Focus?

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My 2-gauge partial A pillar gauge pod was just delivered by UPS from Glowshift. Glowshift told me it specifically fits a 2005 model (also 2002 up) but the top of it does not hug the A pillar like I would expect. In other words it is not a perfect fit out of the box. It is not molded to the exact shape of the 2005 A pillar.

Does anyone else have this 2-gauge partial gauge pod on a 2005 to 2007 Focus? Does yours fit perfectly? If not, what did you do to make it acceptable?

Searching this topic I have found a lot of posts that question the fitament of this piece. Did someone supply me a "universal fit" pod instead of a Focus specific pod? Or do these pods not fit exactly? This Glowshift pod does not fit my 2003 ZTS perfectly either. What gives?
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the top doesnt fit very snuggley mine didnt...
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