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I'm usually over at FocalJet, but have been looking for an SVT for about a year, and have been here "lurking" the For Sale threads and browsing around.

I picked her up this past Wednesday and didn't do anything but clean the windows. Drove her 285 miles home from Longview, TX, in the rain. Got some plans for her, mainly appearance type stuff. I almost passed on this one because she had some rock chips and scratches, not to mention the lenses were pretty nasty but I worked on those last night. Anyway, here are some pics, comments welcome.

Here is my first attempt at refinishing the lenses... will probably do again.



Still have some clouding at the top of the lenses, and that is what I'm going to try and work-out next round.
They aren't perfect or "like new" but they are a lot better than they were.
Thanks for looking!
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