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finally sorted my numberplate lights.

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so... i went from bog standard yellow dim shitty 1s to blue...

got pulled over by the police straight away with them, so now ive gone for white 1s, but have had a hard time fitting them (being loose with a dodgey connection and as there LEDs they were spinning around and not always facing the right way) a bit of foil has fixed all of that though and now they look like this... would just like to know what every1 thinks. cheers.

i think ive changed every bulb on a focus now so ask me if u want to know about any of them. i hope i can help [:)]
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yeah seem a little too bright to me too
but hey
i do have a light question

ok i changed my headlights to some hyper white brand
and they are nice
when they are off they give the light a blue glow
i want that on my side markers as well as my grille blikers

do u know which ones to buy and where?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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