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I posted two weeks ago to ask about a 2002 zx3 auto I was interested in getting,
well after looking at many other I finally got it
its 100% stock, all maintenance done and still under warranty. also fully loaded

I would like to go with a subtle style so here is my mod list for this summer

fsport stealth catBack
focus sport intake
SVT suspension kit
SVT euro grey 17inch wheels with some decent rubber
SVT grill
maybe a remote start

I only got the car for less than 24 and so far the only thing I have done to it is putting gas in it and getting limo tint, all around

I ll update pics tomorrow just to show you how dark it is, not a problem here during the day in sunny AZ, the guy put 5% tint all around on top of the previous 35% tint, so its really dark in there, not drivable at night witht the wondows up but it was so needed during the day...

ANYWAYS let me know about what you think about any additional mods that would add to the subtle look theme

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r u going for the sleeper look? cause then really its anything under the throttle body, cams/cam gears w the cam gear cover on, full svt exhaust...the list goes on
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