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Finally got my Focus, need input on a few problems though

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Hey everyone,

I had posted about a 2001 Black Focus zx3 that I was looking at buying and well on Friday, went out and bought it. Pics to follow btw!!!

So its a standard, 5speed, zx3 and has roughly 158,000km on it.

So I've been driving it pretty rough which probably isn't that greatest idea, but I love my car is all I can say. I'm a student with a relatively tight budget and will hopefully be working in a few weeks or so but for now...

What should I do for my car, not really intending on modding it just yet. I was thinking about putting synthetic oil in? Its due for an oil change soon and I really don't know how often it was changed, the color is dark but not thick right now. And if I do put sythetic, what kind? Will it make a huge difference of the brand?

After I get the oil changed, I was thinking about maybe getting a new air filter? Fuel filter? I would like to maximize my MPG without spending a ton of money. Its getting about 13-15mpg right now, but also I have been driving it pretty heavy since I got it. All in the city just for reference.

I was speaking to a friend of mine, he said you can get a full fuel system clean type thing. I think its similar to seafoam, maybe. He said depending on how dirty the car is, it'll still put out grey to black smoke. He got it done on his accord last fall at mr lube and said its a purple liquid. Here is right from the mr lube faq:

My car isn't starting or performing like it used to, and I'm getting reduced fuel economy. What does this mean?

Maybe all that's wrong is that your fuel system isn't as clean as it should be. The Mr. Lube Fuel System Cleaning Service cleans and conditions your fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and exhaust emissions by removing harmful deposits and moisture. This can help reduce hesitation and sluggishness, as well as improve fuel economy.
Any inputs on any of this?
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first of all welcome to the word of FF you will learn alot on this forum if you check in regularly and read up on what everyone is doing.
now regarding your questions. I dont think i would recommend synthetic oil for two reasons. Number one your car has been running on conventional oil its whole life, in new cars its not really an issue switching back and forth but yours is a 2001 so i would just stick to what its used to. Reason number two is that synthetic oil when hot is generally a little thinner then conventional oil and with an older car that has older seals, might result in a leak. Probably wont but its another thing to consider.
You should probably replace the spark plugs, OEM ones are fine, i had a set of platinums (Actually i will be taken them out soon since i need coppers for my jrsc) and they worked really well, but they were also expensive as hell for just plugs. Also when you remove your plugs, inspect them. make sure they are not super oily or have any white caked on residue. Those can be signs of trouble.
I wouldnt worry about the wires, as long as there are no real issues with the car.
definitely change the air filter and the fuel filter. Who knows how long its been since either has been changed.
the fuel system cleaners.... eh not a huge fan.
make sure your tires are inflated properly and that they have good tread, i would invest in winter tires, you wont regret it.
enjoy your new focus!
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