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fidanza flywheel cm stg4 clutch compatibility

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i was wondering if the fidanza flywheel was compatible with the clutchmasters stage 4 clutch. i already ordered them because i saw a post that everyone listed their clutches and the listed cm and fidanza mate together... then i realized that post was from 04 need help i already ordered em... i called cm and they said they dont think it will but do yall have any or know if it will work?
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It will work. I've had them on my 03 for about 3 months till on a almost stock build I managed to rip springs out of the friction plate and went down to a stage 3. I had the 6 puck stage 4. And the combo has been in the car for over 2yrs now with no probs and feels great. I'm running a stage 1 spec combo in the road race car.
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