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i want to get the Faze reverse 5"tach for my 5 speed foc. I want to know what you guys think about this tach, is it good or bad. Plus do i need tach adapter and which one is the best to do this. I want this cus about 2 years ago i put in a guage face and without knowing how to do this removed the needles like an idiot and now my guages dont read correctly, but i got them close enough to work for daily stuff but i want to do some racing at the drag strip and need to know my shift limits.
Thanking you guys in advance, but only if you can help.

2001 Focus
Steeda Intake, Tsudo Cat back exhaust, Steeda Strut Tower Bar, Focus Central short Shifter, FC guage cluster.
2 10" Sony Xplods.
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