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I dont know if some of you guys/gals would consider this fancy pants but im tryin to pretty up my focus for the g2g commin up soon. Dee schtuff i am putting on my car or already have put on my car is :

~Tsduo(¿?) catback exhaust system
~Ford Racing cold air intake
~(soon to be) Green interior trimmings, i am using 2 vinyl sheets that are about 16x24 squares

I hope this turns out like i hope it to, ill post pictures of the interior work after i put er all in.

Question, the catback exhaust tip is 4.5"........too big? I dont mind it but i would like to see some opinons,

Be easy
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4.5 isn't too big. actually, the bigger the better the sound. a larger muffler helps it not sound like a weed eater or pissed off mosquito. i have a yonka motorsports 2 1/4 in catback with a 4.5 in tip and it sounds awesome. good choice IMO
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