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F2 throttle body for duratec

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I'm slowly taking parts off my old focus and was wondering if anyone has 1 of the few F2 throttle bodies Ricardo made for the duratec. I bought it from him when I went down to the shop years ago as he lived nearby and his shop was close too. I was picking up a intake and header, and ended up picking up the throttle body too. I remember him saying there were only a handful, and I'm not sure if he ended up making them before F2 stopped producing parts. I was planning on taking off my cosworth intake manifold, and forgot I had the throttle body on there ( the car has been sitting in the garage for a few years now).

Worth keeping? or just put it up for sale? I won't be putting it on my new/used focus.
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If your not going to use it in the near future, I'd sell it. Is it similar to cfm's or cossie's tb?
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