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2003 SVTF Stock

So about 3 weeks ago I started noticing small (maybe 5-10 drops) puddles of what I believe to be coolant (light yellow in color a little oily feel) under the car in the garage. I put her up on stands and checked for drops, but found nothing. Two days ago she throws a P0420 engine code "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold". I cleared the code, but I came back after about 50-75 miles. Last night I went on stands again to check the exhaust for leaks and see what the downstream O2 sensor looked like. I noticed that the coolant puddles were directly under the downstream O2 sensor connector (not the actual sensor) and that the bracket that held the O2 sensor wire had some coolant on it.

So... two questions:
1. Any ideas where the coolant leak is coming from (I could not trace it from the bracket)

2. Could the coolant on the connector cause a fault? Has anybody seen a problem like this?

I really hope the coolant did not get into the CAT, it looks like its dripping down off to the side.
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