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I have a 2012 Focus SE with the rubber exterior horizontal window seals (under the window)......(i.e. vs the chrome on the SEL & Titanium).

I've noticed on mine (and on many other I've looked at) that the front and rear door seals do not hug the plastic vertical B-pillars all the way accross the plastic where front and rear meet (same problem on the rearward section of the rear door seal at the C-pillar).

This leaves a gap between the seal and the plastic pillar trim up to an inch long depending on the cars I've looked at. Of course rain will migrate and make it's way into the door interior which is not coated like the exterior and could rust after so many exposures to water.

The chrome trim on the SEL & Titamium fit like a glove with no gaps.

Does anyone know why the rubber seals have gaps whereas chrome seals don't and is there a fix/TSB on it?
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