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Discovering new and interesting failed parts on my new 05 ZXW. Currently found that the power lock for the drivers door doesn't function.

After some digging it seems ford made the latch and actuator as one piece. I'm not wanting to Shell out the Rock Auto $130 price for a replacement, so I'm exploring a possibility to swap in a universal actuator

After a bunch of YouTube research I've found that the power lock mech moves the same thing as the interior door lock unit. The interior lock uses a cable similar to a bike brake or shifter cablr
My plan is to get a $5 eBay universal power lock actuator, and use either some old bike shifter cable or other linkage to attach the eBay actuator to the same mount and location as the factory lever.

It looks possible and should cost about $15 instead of $130. (Granted the local pick n pull says they sell the actuator for $7 or a whole door for $44 and I technically need a door so...)

If I can't source a few cheap door actuators, I will start ordering generic parts and make a guide. Has anyone else attempted this? It seems like it would be useful to anyone not caring for factory parts, just factory functions.

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