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Exhaust question

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My buddy has a High flow Cat that he bought for his Jetta. Long story short he had to take it off because it threw a code with it in. Well I can get it from him for cheap but is the Focus the same? Do you have to have the correct cat so it doesn't throw a CEL or would it be fine to put in and would you do it?
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if it fits i dont see why you couldn't use it. the secondary cat on our cars isnt monitored by the PCM so i dont see how you could get a CEL. and trubendz sells their kits with no cat, just pipe to eliminate the secondary cat completely

and maybe someone can correct me if i am wrong, but the high flow cat that i have is just a 2.5'' in and out vs the smaller size of the stock one hence you'll get higher flow. Not sure if the way the cat is made is different to get better flow though
damn manicat. soon to be gone though :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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