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exhaust and header/manifold options for a budget

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So I haven't driven my Focus in awhile driving a hybrid (bleh) due to it being unreliable.

It's been sitting at my parents place, but I figure I"ll just fix it up a bit and get something else.

So I have OBX 4-2-1 headers, and full exhaust. I bottomed out during a snow storm and went over a median and I tore a hole the size of a half dollar right behind the driver seat. I figure I might as well scrap the whole exhaust before I sell it anyhow because it's so loud.

What's a reasonably priced exhaust system that isn't obnoxiously loud? I'm looking for something 300ish and under at best. I also want to get rid of the OBX headers as, I posted before (long time ago) bumps against the radiator fans. So I'm looking for something low profile, even consider OEM manifold (which I haven't had any luck at my local junk shops) I'm considering something under 300 for this as well.

I don't really know what else I need to replace, I plan to drive the car again soon through the winter and sell it during spring time if I have enough funds to buy something else.

I failed pretty hard when I bought this car, I'm waiting on ECU as my radiator fans don't engage when the temp reaches a certain temp, the reader just goes berserk. Tested on another vehicle (the reader) and it was fine. So if I idle too long it overheats. Well the engine shutoff engages.

I wish I could say more, but I personally haven't worked on my car, my dad has. I'm pretty dumb with cars.
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Are you looking for an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, flex-pipe and exhaust pipe back for under $300? Good luck on that. Check on here for used exhaust systems. You might get lucky and find someone local to you selling their exhaust.

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do you have any pics?

I have the same header.

Is the radiator support bent?

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Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was thinking 300ish for headers/manifold. Idk if I can use my cat or my flex, if I need to replace those as well then I guess I"ll budget accordingly. I was thinking another 300ish for the exhaust pipe. So if anything, an exhaust setup that's moderately quiet from headers/manifold to end pipe for under 1k if possible.

I'll post pics later. The weather has been bad.

Someone before mentioned the possibility of my radiator support being bent. I honestly can't tell so I"ll have to post pics. It is a rebuilt title (I've had a rebuilt focus before, before it got totaled and it was fine... but I guess i wasn't so lucky this time around)

Thanks for the replies
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