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I can't possibly figure out what is wrong here. It's a 2008 SES with over 175k miles

I installed new MOOG front control arms but there is excessive positive camber and the front end is sitting higher than normal, and the ride has got pretty rough over bumps, return to center is almost non-existant, and certain bumps will pull the steering in that direction.

Now I may have screwed up in one spot, I didn't have the wheels sitting on ramps when I tightended everything down. (Mainly because I don't have any ramps.) But can't think of how this would affect anything because nothing is even remotely adjustable or have any possibility of being bolted down into anything other than the correct position. Also I don't see how the bushings could be binding either.

Could I have damaged the struts when I was pounding on the control arms (without thinking) to get the balljoint free from the knuckle? I plan to replace these anyway as I am trying to track down a front end rattle/clunk, and after replacing the sway bar links, and control arms that rattle/clunk is still there.

EDIT: Today I loosened up the bolts for the control arm, and lowered it onto some ramps and tightened everything down, but still have positive camber on both sides. I am at a complete loss. Taking it in for an alignement at Firestone on Wednesday.
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