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I am currently saving for the next uber video card since I bought a 4K screen, so am selling my 380 4GB or my 660 Ti SC 3GB (not the cheaper 2GB on either card model!)

EVGA 660 Ti SC 3GB for $80 delivered (This was used when I bought it)


Gigabyte R9 380 G1 4GB for $150 delivered ono. (I bought this a few months ago brand new from Amazon).

I can provide pictures/proof etc if needed I'm just typing this out whilst I'm thinking about it lol.

Both come boxed (EVGA box is a bit torn up) with accessories. EVGA has some cool posters with it.

Payment via paypal preferred. (I can however also accept Amazon gift card in part of whole IF they are verified as redeemable on my account.)
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