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Ever have trouble with tinted turn signals?

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Yeah I know this is a dumb question. My tail lights are tinted but not to the point where they're completely black so they're still somewhat visible during the day and at night they're fine.

I was going to get a clear front grill to match my clear side turn signals but decided that on a black car, I'm probably better off tinting those to the point where they're black (I'd switch back to amber side turn signals). I've seen a few pics, looks good althought if they're "nite-shaded" to the point where they're pretty much black, are they still visible??
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mine grill turns are tinted so that they almost disapear into the grill, but they are plenty visable when they blink. i also cut the wire for the running lights, so that they only come on with the blinker, not with the headlights.
So if I read this right, you cut the wire that keeps the turns on and now they blink only when the signal is indicating ?

If so, which wire is the lucky victim :)
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