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I called the RAC out Tues night as after returning to my car the engine warning light was glowing a solid amber. This was accompanied by what felt like a hard vibration from the engine. The RAC guy tried changing a coil which didn't help, but as it was raining so hard he decided to tow me home and suggested calling a mechanic to change the coil pack.

The next day a mechanic changed the coil pack but this didn't solve the problem. He ran some kind of electronic scan?? on the car which he said didn't show any faults. Today he spent 2 hours checking all the wires going into the electronic computer unit to check for faults, but again nothing. He has now sent the ECU off for testing thinking it could be at fault. He says that if it comes back with no faults he doesn't know what else to try and to take it to a Ford dealer....sounds expensive?!?! He also said that if it is the ECU it could also be very expensive....

Is there something that he could be missing?

Thanks for your time.
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